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We are a team of dedicated professionals with experience in all aspects of seismic operations. 

Pascal St. Onge

Through his experience managing 1,000 field personnel to ensuring field staff are operating safely in a sensitive environment, Pascal is acutely aware of how to deliver a project on time and within budget. His 30 years of international experience in the field is cornerstone to LXL Consulting. Prior to his partnership role at LXL, he worked his way up from field crew to General Manager at Conquest Seismic.

Pascal's brings his attention to detail, knowledge of regulations, and common sense to every seismic acquisition program. He is an efficient problem solver and has earned a reputation of safe operations in any terrain.
Languages Spoken: French, English

Chrissy Pavlis

Chrissy started her career in Oil and Gas as a Seismic Data Broker where she gained substantial knowledge of the seismic business and built an extensive network of clients and contacts. Chrissy’s relationships are foundational in her approach to deliver safe, timely, and cost-effective seismic acquisition programs.

Chrissy brings over 25 years of experience to LXL Consulting. She closely watches global energy trends to pair strategic thinking with client need. Her leadership ensures LXL is ahead of competitors when managing costs, navigating regulatory hurdles, and securing experienced field personnel.

Languages Spoken: English

Stewart Gall

Partner, Project Advisor
Stewart plays a key role at LXL Consulting in seismic operations with experience spanning over 40 years, on six continents, and in 30 countries. In his tenure he has supported teams in the the field & office as a manager and leader.

Stewart is skilled in building partnership with Indigenous communities & businesses, negotiating in complex geopolitical environments, and delivering projects in short timeframes. He brings a unique world view to support clients of LXL Consulting through his extensive experience.
Languages Spoken: English

Daniel Perez

Business Development
With over a decade of experience in seismic data processing and technical sales, Daniel joined LXL Consulting Ltd. In a business development role. Prior to LXL, he advanced his technical acumen through inversion and Quantitative Interpretation (QI) product sales. Daniel’s integrative experience with acquisition, processing, and QI allow for client solutions that consider the full life cycle of seismic data.

Since graduating the UofC with a BSc. in geophysics in 2009, Daniel has held numerous leadership roles within the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists; the Executive Board, DoodleTrain, Symposium, Doodlespiel, Mentorship Program, and Geophysical Industry Field Trip. Daniel’s strong relationships and technical expertise make him an invaluable asset to any LXL project.
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish


Unit 408, 602 11 Ave SW,
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