From project inception to completion, LXL is an extension of your exploration team.

We will represent your best interests for the life of the project.

Reduce Risk

Improve Safety

Enhance Project Cycle-Time

First Nations and Metis relationships are integral to LXL’s core business, the subsurface services we offer.

We are proud to work alongside Indigenous businesses.

LXL enables the success of your business through subsurface imaging across the energy sector.

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Project & Parameter Design

Preplanning & Field Scouting

Permitting and Releasing

Due Dilligence & Contractor

Indigenous Consultation & Partnership

Program Safety Management

Emerging Energies

Advance the next generation of energy exploration. Enable your exploration program for helium, lithium, hydrogen, nuclear, and geothermal.

Oil & Gas

Modern seismic surveys best represent the unique reservoir challenges in the subsurface. Be agile and ahead of changing market conditions with modern seismic acquisition.


Subsurface imaging delineates geologic structures that host gold, silver, uranium, and base metals. 2-D and 3-D seismic mapping both benefit the mining sector as mineral deposit exploration moves to deeper targets.

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Image sequestration reservoirs and delineate CO2 plume migration with seismic imaging. Measure, monitor, and verify (MNV) carbon capture projects with seismic imaging.

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